The Art of Ascension - Stepping into Stillness

There are many forms of meditation and prayer, but for me practicing

the Art of Ascension as taught by the Ishayas has proved the simplest and most effective way to move beyond the  limitations of the mind, and cultivate a way of living from that still centre that lies deep within .  

I am a graduate of the six month Mastery of the Self Retreat which involved taking eternal vows to serve God and humanity, dedicating myself to increasing purity, unconditional love and compassion in myself and in the world.  It also qualifies me to teach ascension . 
My name as a teacher is Ira Ishaya, and I  have now returned  to  teaching this beautiful practice, which has served me well for over 20 years, as a part of my  service as a One Spirit Interfaith Minister.  

'So what is The Art of Ascension
as taught by the Ishayas?
It's not exactly a meditation, nor is it  a new age or eastern practice ; it's more like Prayer, but both meditation and prayer have previous connotations for most people which  lead to misconceptions
Most people think of concentration or mysticism when they hear the word Meditation; they think it is hard and requires great discipline .
Ascension is an effortless method of mastering the mind .

Or when they hear the word prayer they think of religion  and the beliefs involved.
Ascension requires no beliefs of any kind to practice it or for it to work. It's a type of inner prayer or meditation that everyone can do at anytime, anywhere, no matter what religion, belief or walk of life they come from. Perhaps contemplation  would be a better description.

A single pebble tossed in a still pond creates clear concentric waves whereas many pebbles tossed in a pond already full of waves creates chaotic waves  and swirling eddies. In the same way, introducing a single thought into a mind that is still, creates clarity and effectiveness, whereas many thoughts added to a busy mind  where thoughts are already competing or conflicting with each other creates confusion and stress. 
The Art of Ascension brings cohesiveness of thought and quiets the busy mind in an effortless, effective and natural way.
It returns the mind to its natural state of rest and peace; resulting in clearer thinking, greater healing and simply, a more effective way to live.

The First Sphere

 Beginning the Art & Practice of the Ishayas' Ascension
The four 'attitudes' taught during the First Sphere weekend are based on Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion . These are simple phrases in your own language which are composed in such a way that they are seductive to the mind, and naturally  cut through the normal repetitive thoughts in your mind , allowing you to increasingly  dwell in the peace that lies, often unnoticed, within you.


The Praise Ascension Attitude corrects the fundamental stress of the modern world, that something is wrong with the individual life.


The focus here is on the objective world; this technique is designed to cure all erroneous beliefs and concepts about the body and the external Universe.


Designed to heal all the misconceptions about our relationship with Ultimate Reality itself.


This attitude clarifies the relationship
of the individual with all other beings.  

Learning the Practice:

The first 4 techniques (called a First Sphere) are taught in a Weekend Workshop,
It takes a few hours on the first evening followed by 2 full days to ‚Äčlearn how to Ascend.
Please contact me for more information and for details of weekend workshops.
You can also visit the website of the  group of Ishayas. to which I am affiliated