One Spirit Community Ceremony for Bealtaine
7.30pm    Sunday 5th May  

We do not need to be in the same physical space to share deeply with open hearts.
 A nucleus group sometimes meet in Bandon Town Hall, West Cork, but I am continuing to send out an email version of the ceremony the day before each Celtic Festival. 

So  you can join me and many others, 
in deep connection from your own home, 
for an hour of reflection and contemplation, 
through readings, music and silence,
drawing on a diversity of material from the world's spiritual traditions.
Please message me if you would like to join us  by email.       

 ' The Work That Reconnects '

These are experiential days based on the work of Joanna Macy  moving with gratitude through the spiral, feeling our pain for the world, seeing with new eyes, and going forth with renewed love and connection in our hearts  0857818137


“We were not meant to live shallow lives, pocked by meaningless routines and the secondary satisfactions of happy hour. We are the inheritors of an amazing lineage, rippling with memories of life lived intimately with bison and gazelle, raven and the night sky. We are designed to encounter this life with amazement and wonder, not resignation and endurance. This is at the very heart of our grief and sorrow. The dream of full-throated living, woven into our very being, has often been forgotten and neglected, replaced by a societal fiction of productivity and material gain. No wonder we seek distractions. Every sorrow we carry extends from the absence of what we require to stay engaged in this one wild and precious life".   ~ Francis Welle

About Me .......

Hi and thanks for being curious enough about me to read this page!
 I am from Devon in the UK originally, where I grew up in an evangelical Church of England family;  and my life since has reflected a desire to relate to the Divine in an increasingly universal way, gradually shedding the limitations of those rigid forms of belief.
During my twenties , I explored simple living and sustainability, choosing to move out of the city and create a small country living, and eventually an informal community in an old farmhouse in Wiltshire.
In my thirties I moved with my husband and baby daughter to SW Ireland , where we lived  at the end of a track amidst the magnificence of the Kerry mountains, and then when that life became too hard, moved into the village, where I explored community development , facilitating a womens group and running the Family Resource centre, as well as gaining a diploma in Women in the Community from UCC

During this time, while bringing up three small children, latterly on my own, my journey led me through a spiritual reawakening thanks to the principles of 12-step programme work , which still underpin my life, and which I revisit regularly in order to be vigilant in drawing back from my tendency to co-dependence.

 In 2002 a restlessness came upon me, and  I brought my family to live in Bandon West Cork, feeling a strong and eventually unignorable need to live somewhere bigger, to embrace mainstream society I suppose, instead of living right at the edge of civilization, comfortable though that was., I was  thereby abandoning long-held ideals of country living, and it was a big leap for me and for my teenage kids..

So I have been living in the Bandon area for these last 18 years , though now that my children are  living their own lives I have moved  a few miles outside town. When I came back from the Mexico retreat, having left my children and bookshop in the care of my ex husband , I gave up the shop, and taught  weekend Meditation workshops and retreats, while  earning my living working as a Home Help for the HSE .

 During those years I  explored Anthroposophical Transformative art, through weekend workshops at Tobias School of Art and Therapy   and I completed my Masters in Leadership and Pastoral Care at All Hallows in Dublin. 

Since 2007 I have been an Aspirant with The Universal Order, a small yet world-wide organisation, which offers a system of philosophical teachings which demonstrate the underlying unity of Eastern and Western religions: the religion of the spirit .
I love its refusal to market itself and become another form of spirituality seduced by our capitalist society into commodification .
Now, in feeling the importance of offering workshops exploring our emotional response to the dreadful damage that is being done to our planet through humanity's distorted relationship to,  and lack of connection with, our beautiful world I have become  an accredited faciltator of The Work That Reconnects. 
 I have also been drawn to embark on a training in Druid teachings; finding their gentle and deep respect for, and connection, with the world around us is enabling me to delve into unexplored parts of myself.

Over the past few years as a One Spirit Interfaith Minister I have been able to draw from all this background experience, and ongoing explorations and practice , to work with people from many  backgrounds and  beliefs  to create beautiful individual ceremonies that are meaningful and sacred;  and rituals and ceremonies  which celebrate the fullness of life and the surrender into transitions, sometimes joy filled, sometimes painful,   but all  so integral to  life  as a human being,  here on this magical earth; and to offer  opportunities  for people to  gather in community  whether in the local One Spirit community gatherings which I hold monthly, or the  meditation weekends and  workshops  which  have their own perfect timing.
With my fellow ministers at our yearly retreat.

If you would like to read more about my ministry please follow the link below.

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