Spiritual Accompaniment
(Holy Listening)

The act of seeking help is very powerful – it requires the overcoming of all the thoughts in your head that say, ‘I can cope,’ and  ‘I am a strong and independent person and I don’t need help…and that says ‘Even if I do ask for help, no-one will be able to give me the help I need, I actually know what they will say.’  etc 

But it is the ACT of asking, which requires that you relinquish that sense of separateness, and allow yourself to be vulnerable, to surrender control, which in itself is great healing and connecting.

When the thoughts in your head are making you miserable; when you are confused and feeling disconnected from the Divine within you; when you are feeling unable to find your way through confusion, grief, or some other difficulty in your life it is often helpful to give yourself the opportunity to share the confusion, stresses, loneliness and struggles with a fellow human being who will be present with you ,  listen compassionately and non judgmentally. and enable you to   re – member who you are , bring you back to a sense of the love, wisdom and power latent within you, waiting to be embraced and shared with the world. 

This is a gentle process where you are held in your wholeness while you find your way home. I may use silence, meditation, transformative art processes, sacred dance or journalling with you.  

I specialise in codependency issues.

 Fees are negotiable.